Birth / Upbringing

I was born in Kansas, lived in Nebraska and Kentucky, and was raised from second grace in Western North Carolina as the oldest of seven siblings.  I attended Brevard High School, earned a Bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Temple University, and earned a Master’s degree from Trinity College of the Bible and Seminary in Newburgh, IN. 


I previously pastored two denominational churches.  I was asked to leave my last pastorate eleven years ago for preaching the radical gospel of the grace of Christ.  I now lead a group of Grace believers.  I hosted annual Family Conferences while serving as pastor of the the two congregations I served.  Five years ago, I obtained my Commercial Contractor’s License in Denver, Colorado, which allowed me to became a licensed commercial contractor in several municipalities while living in Kansas (2012-13).  Upon my return to North Carolina, I earned and received certification to be a Certified Life Coach; which allows me to be involved in the lives of those who recognize they need som direction and accountability in their life.  I am certainly enjoying the opportunities to share the “inner peace” that comes from the Creator – the Author and person of Grace – Jesus Christ. 

Our call to administer the gospel of the grace of Christ through the website, life coaching, videos, conferences, and other media, has been a welcome adventure for us.  My wife, Nancy, and I reside in Asheville, NC, where we are in the genesis stages of offering our place as a “retreat” for couples (especially ministry couples but we will not turn away any couple God sends our way) to relax, refresh, and renew.  The Grace Place is for those who need to get away from ministry, from work, or from everyday “life” so they can be rejuvenated and restored, and return home to enjoy the rest of their short life on this planet and be more effective in living out the Grace of God in their own marriage relationship and in the extended relationships they have with others.  

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