My content is founded in Christ and focused on you; the participant in whom God has chosen to continue distributing His message that He might complete His mission – the partaker of His divine nature who is seeking practical and biblical insight to share with the next partaker.

The gospel of the grace of Christ – the forgiveness, the rest from the former works of religion, the reality of knowing that there is nothing more required of me for righteousness since I have received Christ and His finished work, and the peace of knowing He actually lives IN me, goes EVERYWHERE with me, and as promised, will continue to perform and complete any work He requires of me.

We have heard a single theme from many young former church members.  Most reference words like “I always believed there was more to it than just fancy buildings, enlarged crowds, professional light shows, and continuous donations” and “I knew it had to be more simple – you know, simple enough for me to understand and be drawn to it and have it make a difference in my life.”

My content comes via my writing, videos, and speaking of the love, acceptance, and aggressive forgiveness of God, living IN the grace of Christ, living IN your new and true identity as a righteous saint, living “dead to sin” and “dead to the law,” living IN the freedom God intended for you to live long before He ever created Adam, and living forgiven for life.

Of course, as questions arise, we write, present videos, and speak on numerous other topics (living above your circumstances, is tithing scriptural, am I a “saved by grace” sinner, and other topics that challenge you to see God for who He really is).

If you are tired of religion and what it has provided for you, or you are ready to remove the chains of religion, or you just don’t understand what you’re hearing or seeing, feel free to contact us via email and ask your questions.  If you desire to receive a few Treasures of Truth a couple of times a week or want to expand your investigation into the open spaces of God and His Grace, this site is for your use.  But, I must say, there are many sites that contain genuine and scriptural treasures having to do with God’s amazing Grace.  Make sure you subscribe via email to our site; it should take long to sign up – and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

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