My passion in life, from an early age, has always been to serve people as possibly be an agent of change in their life.  My passion is bifocal – dual focused.

I have no greater ambition than to love and encourage former church members who have excused themselves from the institutional church for various and numerous reasons and who are being told they are part of the “falling away” of the last days.

The falling away began in Paul’s day, two thousand years past, and has continued through today under the pretext of religion.  Judaism tried to destroy Paul’s message of “dead to the law” then, and today, anyone identifying with the same truthful message is treated in the same manner.  Incidentally, these former members are leaving their churches citing numerous reasons – most of which are associated with matters of dissatisfaction and condemnation.

My passion extends to those who have chosen not to entangle themselves in religion and who, quite possibly, have never made a profession of faith in Christ.  These people are no less loved by God and certainly not condemned by Him, and should never be condemned by any group of people – whether religious or not.

They are simply living out their only known identity – children of disobedience.  They will soon find their new and true identity – children of God; and that is His mission IN and THROUGH us.


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