The Gospel changes everything.

The Gospel is the simple message that Christ wants to be the difference maker – the game changer – in your life!  He wants to get reacquainted with you!  He had His eyes on you long before He ever breathed life into His very first human – Adam.  Before the foundation of the world, you were known and loved by Him.

– It matters not from where you have come.

– It matters not what you have or have not done.

– It matters not whether or not you attend “church.

– It matters not what you think or believe about Him.

What does matter is that you understand that He is pursuing you… and for all the right reasons.  The “good news” for you is that He has already paid for all of your sins – even the ones in which you have yet to engage – through His work of “aggressive forgiveness.”  He took care of all your sins, and all of mine, and the sins of the whole world; over two thousand years past.  You probably just missed that important fact, either through ignorance (not knowing the truth) or negligence (not understanding the truth when you heard it; if you ever heard it).

Christ has completed everything God required (removal of your sin debt) – making it possible for you to reverse the choice Adam made in the garden when he chose to live under the influence of the sin nature spirit as a child of the devil.

Christ has finished the work you could not do – making it possible for you to reverse the curse of Adam and choose the other tree – the tree of Life – and become a “branch” that holds and carries the fruit which only He can produce IN and THROUGH you.

But, it IS your choice!  He has provided the forgiveness – you must acknowledge it!  He has offered you the free gift of His righteous, eternal life – you must receive it!

If you agree with God (confess – 1 John 1:9) that your sins have been forgiven, and you are ready to experience His forever, righteous Life, tell Him so right now.  (I have included words that may help you better understand the decision you are considering.  He already knows the intent of your heart so just speak to Him along these lines)

“Jesus, thank you for having already forgiven me of all my sins when you died on the cross.  I identify with your crucifixion death – which removed all of my sins and the power of sin over my mind and my life.  I am now crucified with you – making me dead to my previous way of living.  Thank you for having already raised from the dead and offering to me your eternal and forever life of righteousness.  I identify with your resurrection – giving both of us victory over sin and death.  I now ask you to bring your Life into my flesh body and make it your dwelling place – your tabernacle – and to be my Source for walking this new life; because I have proven I cannot live it without you.  Thank you for being patient with me and loving me.  Make yourself known to me in ways that I have never seen before.  You are my motivation to live; and the life I now live from this point on – in my flesh body – I live by trusting you, because you loved me and have given yourself for me.”

If you have spoken these things, you have just unveiled the mystery of the Gospel in your life; Christ IN you, the hope of glory!  Expect Christ to respond, as He will move into your life and empower you to live.  He is eager to continue performing His work IN and THROUGH you as you commence on this journey of faith and trust in the Almighty.

If you have spoken these things, please let me know of your decision.  I have information that (is free and) will be helpful in your new journey.


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His Grace is still amazing,

Michael Scroggs

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